CRIME PREVENTION TIPS by Chief  Bruni & Public Safety Commissioner Chris DiNardo. Anyone interested in becoming a Crime Watch Block Captain, contact Karen Pekosky, 412-331-2408. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR POLICE DEPARTMENT BY REPORTING ANY SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.  REPORT THE INFORMATION BY DIALING 911.  YOU MAY ELECT TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

Anthony G. Bruni, Chief of Police

This is a link that people can use if they suspect they may have been a suspect of computer or telephone fraud.

BLOCK CAPTAINS FOR CRIME WATCH:  Kennedy Township is a Crime Watch community but unfortunately a street cannot participate unless the street has a Block Captain.  If you are interested in becoming a Block Captain, please contact Kennedy Township Police Department at 412-331-2408 and volunteer.  A Block Captain is to notify residents on their street if a crime has occurred.  The Block Captain will be notified by our police department concerning the crime.  You can set up a telephone chain whereas you call 3 residents and residents in turn call 3 residents, etc.  It does not involve a lot of time.  The more eyes and ears in the township the better.  In this day and age our police officers can use all the help they can get.

VacationNotificationForm  Mail or return to Kennedy Police Department, 340 Forest Grove Road, Coraopolis PA 15108  Attention: Karen Pekosky

 POLICE DEPARTMENT  Non-emergency phone:  412-331-2408 Please report street lights that are out or not working properly to the non-emergency police phone number.   Emergency phone:  911

Kennedy Township Police Department is comprised of the Chief of Police and nine full-time officers, two part-time officers, two full time police dispatchers and one part-time dispatcher.  We are dedicated to ensure the very best law enforcement services.  Our officers take pride in giving the community professional service at all times.

Kennedy Township Police Department emergency calls are handled by Allegheny County 9-1-1, who immediately forwards your  information to the Kennedy Police Dispatcher & officers.  WE WANT TO RE-ESTABLISH OUR EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST FOR SPECIAL NEEDS’ PERSONS.  PLEASE PROVIDE INFORMATION FOR EXAMPLE, ELDERLY PERSON(S) IN NEED DURING SEVERE WEATHER CONDITIONS.

For non-emergency information, call 412-331-2408.

Police Administration & Dispatch personnel: Police Dispatch : Karen Pekosky, Tom Skepanski

FIRE DEPARTMENT  Non-emergency phone:  412-331-6952 Emergency Phone:  911

web site:

Fire Hall Rental:  412-200-8152

Kennedy Township Volunteer Fire Department is comprised of thirty plus firemen who unselfishly volunteer their time and energy to keep Kennedy Township safe.


Chris Gutt, Coordinator 412-331-6952

Justin Gutt, Assistant Coordinator

PREMISE ALERT REGISTRATION FORMS:  Kennedy Township Police Department in conjunction with Allegheny County District Attorney’s office, has available Premise Alert Registration Forms. Persons can register their children, parents or siblings with special needs for whom they are acting as caregivers.  The forms are completed by the caregivers and given to their respective police department to be faxed to the 911 dispatch center.  Information provided by the caregiver will appear before the dispatcher when an emergency call is made from the residence of the caregiver.  The 911 dispatcher can then alert first responders as to any pertinent information concerning a special needs resident [whether the person is nonverbal, blind, deaf, where they tend to wander, etc.] Also in the packet given to residents are reflective stickers indicating the presence of a special needs person.  These stickers can be placed on or near the front door of homes.  The District Attorney’s office also has inexpensive locking devices and alarms, service dogs for autistic persons, as well as Project Lifesaver tracking devices.  The more information on a special needs person we have, the better we are to serve and assist.  For further information, contact Kennedy Township Police Department at 412-331-2408.

notice-to-residents  Basketball hoop restrictions on Township roads.