Ordinance 535 was enacted and “No Parking” signs were posted throughout the township on certain roads which include:

All of Connie Park Drive
All of Kenmawr Crest
Tanager Drive
South Vireo Drive
All of Palm Acres
All of Apple Hill
Brentwood Drive
Cabindale Drive
Midway Drive
MacArthur Way

For the time period of November 1 – March 31

Ordinance 470 was enacted on November 22, 2010.  This ordinance changes the alarm fee for false alarms in the township.

First False Alarm – No Charge

Second False Alarm – $25.00

Third False Alarm – $50.00

Fourth Alarm or
more false alarms – $100.00

Please contact your alarm company as soon as possible if you accidentally activate your alarm.  If an officers is on the scene, you will be charged as a false alarm.