All meetings, unless otherwise stated, are conducted at the Mel Weinstein Municipal Center, 340 Forest Grove Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108.  All meetings are open to the public. In order to speak before the Zoning Hearing Board, one must have legal standing. To speak at the business meeting, you must submit the attached request to the township secretary’s office to be placed on the agenda. Only official action by the Board of Commissioners is written in the minutes. The entire meeting proceedings are recorded and available to hear, including public comments, on site and upon proper notification in accordance with open records rules.

Request to Speak Form


                The Board of Commissioners of the Township of Kennedy, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania has established the following Caucus, Business and the Planning Commission meeting dates as follows:

    1. Caucus Sessions: Second Tuesday of each month; Except that the March 2018 meeting shall be held on Wednesday March 21st, and the November meeting shall be held on Tuesday November 20th.
    2. Business Sessions: Second Tuesday of each month immediately following the Caucus session; Except that the March 2018 meeting shall be held on Wednesday March 21st , and the November 2018 meeting shall be held on Tuesday November 20th.
  • Meetings shall commence at 6:00pm prevailing time.

Planning Commission Meeting meets upon approved application request only; 7:00PM prevailing time January through November: Fourth Wednesday of each month. December: Third Wednesday of the month.

Zoning Board Hearings: Called as required and advertised by the Chairman.

All meetings shall be held at the Mel Weinstein Municipal Building, 340 Forest Grove Road, Coraopolis, and PA 15108

Agendas are subject to change:
Agenda 01-08-13
Agenda 02-12-13
Agenda 04-09-13
Agenda 05-07-13
Agenda 06-11-13
Agenda 07-09-13
Agenda 08-13-13
Agenda 09-10-13
Agenda 10-8-13
Reorganization Agenda Jan2014
Agenda 02-11-14
Agenda 03-18-14
Agenda 04-09-14
Agenda 05-13-2014
Agenda 06-10-14
Agenda 07-08-14
Agenda 08-12-14
Agenda 09-09-14
Agenda 10-14-2014
Agenda 11-20-14
Agenda 12-9-14
Agenda 01-05-2015
Agenda 02-10-15
Agenda 03-24-2015
Agenda 04-14-15
Agenda 05-12-15
Agenda 06-09-15
Agenda 07-14-15
Agenda 08-11-2015
Agenda 09-08-2015
Agenda 10-13-15
Agenda 11-18-15
Agenda 12-08-15
Agenda 12-30-15 SpecMeeting
Agenda 02-02-2016
Agenda 03-08-2016
Agenda 04-12-16
Agenda 05-10-16
Agenda 06-14-16
Agenda 07-12-16
Agenda 08-09-16
Agenda 09-13-16
Agenda 10-11-16
Agenda Liquor License Hearing 9-13-16
Agenda 01-10-17
Agenda 02-14-17
Agenda 03-14-17
Agenda 04-18-17
Agenda 05-09-17


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