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2008 Annual Audit

2009 Annual Audit

2010 Annual Audit & Financial Report


2012 Annual Budget

2012 Final Annual Audit & Finance Report

2012 Independent Auditors’ Report

2013 Annual Audit & Financial Report

2013 Annual Budget

2013 Municipal Annual Audit & Financial Report

2014 General Fund Expenses Budget

2014 General Fund Revenue Budget

2014 Liquid Fuels Budget

2014 Municipal Audit-Financial Report

2014 Police Pension Compliance Audit

2014 Service Emp Compliance Audit

2014 Sewer Fund Expenses-Revenues

2014 Tax Rate Ord

2015 Audit & Finance Report

2016 Annual Audit-Financial Report

2016 General Fund Budget-Expenditures

2016 GF Budget-Receipts

2016 Liquid Fuel Budget

2016 Sewer Budget-Revenues

2016 Sewer Budget-Expenditures

2017 Annual Budget & Tax Rates

2017 Audit-Financial Report

2017 Liquid Fuels Audit


2019 Annual Budget of Kennedy Township

2018 Audit – Final

Visit Jordan Tax Service’s website for information pertaining to Act 32, Local Earned Income Tax http://www.jordantax.com/index.html

TOWNSHIP PENSION REQUIREMENTS:  Any entity who currently provides service(s) by means of a Professional Services Contract to the Municipal Pension Service are required to submit an Act 44 Disclosure Form.  These Disclosures are available for public view at the Kennedy Township municipal building, 340 Forest Grove Road, Coraopolis PA 15108, Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 3:30pm, scheduled working days.

Actuarial Consultant
Financial Consultant
Pension Plan Consultant

Kennedy Township Police and Service Employees’ Pension Plan Compliance Audit Reports are available for public view at the Kennedy Township municipal building.

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