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Curb-side leaf pick up will cease November 30th at which time our trucks will be fitted with snow plows in preparation for the winter season.  Leaves may be bagged at this time. Call the Secretary’s office, 412-771-2321 extension 3 for pick up.


Street Address Directory


Voting District Locations

ALERT:  Columbia Gas is piloting a program using Global Positioning System or GPS satellite technology to more accurately identify the location of natural gas pipelines in Kennedy Township.  This program will enhance the protection of underground natural gas lines, in addition to improving emergency response and maintenance of gas facilities.  Beginning mid-April, gas company or contractor personnel will capture underground natural gas infrastructure using advanced GPS equipment.  Company or contractor technicians will be seen throughout the Township using light surveying and measuring equipment.  If you have any doubts please call 911 to report your findings.



 Garbage Pick Up  (Note:  Recycle bin cost has increased from $8 to $9)  Newspaper recycling depository bin is at the Church of Jesus Christ parking lot, 227 Herbst Road.  Under the auspices of State Regulations, residents are required by Ordinance to participate in garbage & recycling collection by the Township contractor, Valley Waste Services, 724-843-9373. Using any other means of disposal, including burning, is prohibited and violators are subject to prosecution.

ValleyWasteGarbageGuidelines ValleyWasteRecyclingGuidelines GarbageRecyclingOrdSummaries

Recycle electronic devices


New Parking Restrictions-Emergency Snow Routes (Brandon Way added per Ordinance 446)    2010 Township Census

Visit the Penn State Public Events site for gardening and related subjects:

TOWNSHIP PENSION REQUIREMENTS:  Any entity who currently provides service(s) by means of a Professional Services Contract to the Municipal Pension Service are required to submit an Act 44 Disclosure Form.  These Disclosures are available for public view at the Kennedy Township municipal building, 340 Forest Grove Road, Coraopolis PA 15108, Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 3:30pm, scheduled working days. Kennedy Township Police and Service Employees’ Pension Plan Compliance Audit Reports are available for public view at the Kennedy Township municipal building.   

ORDINANCE NO. 489 – AN ORDINANCE FOR PUBLIC SAFETY RELATING TO THE REMOVAL OF SNOW AND ICE FROM PUBLIC SIDEWALKS. This Ordinance was enacted June 11, 2013.  Requires all home owners and businesses to maintain clean sidewalks in front of their residence/establishment.  For complete test of the ordinance, go to “Ordinances” on the home page.

 PREMISE ALERT REGISTRATION FORMS:  Kennedy Township Police Department in conjunction with Allegheny County District Attorney’s office, has available Premise Alert Registration Forms. Persons can register their children, parents or siblings with special needs for whom they are acting as caregivers.  The forms are completed by the caregivers and given to their respective police department to be faxed to the 911 dispatch center.  Information provided by the caregiver will appear before the dispatcher when an emergency call is made from the residence of the caregiver.  The 911 dispatcher can then alert first responders as to any pertinent information concerning a special needs resident [whether the person is nonverbal, blind, deaf, where they tend to wander, etc.] Also in the packet given to residents are reflective stickers indicating the presence of a special needs person.  These stickers can be placed on or near the front door of homes.  The District Attorney’s office also has inexpensive locking devices and alarms, service dogs for autistic persons, as well as Project Lifesaver tracking devices.  The more information on a special needs person we have, the better we are to serve and assist.  For further information, contact Kennedy Township Police Department at 412-331-2408.

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